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UR STEAM-Knowledge synergy for the transformation of organizations.

Phase 3 of the UR STEAM Lab Based Campus, which was inaugurated on May 30, 2023, at the Universidad del Rosario Sede de Emprendimiento, in front of its guests, colleagues and students, in which the start of the design of Phase 4 of this project.

By: Valentina Sanchez – International Business Intern CCJCI.

Unique Relationship Model in Colombia that unites the academy, organizations and the state to work together, which consists of an ecosystem that connects different sciences to generate innovative solutions to the challenges that society faces in the business and industrial sector. , sciences such as:

  • (S) Science

  • (T) Technology

  • (E) Engineering

  • (A) Arts

  • (M) Mathematics

This arose from a new concept of education in the United States called STEM, but over the years the (A) of Art was added, in order to promote multidisciplinarity and creativity, promoting free and critical thinking.

According to the words presented at the launch, it speaks of the convergence of teaching, learning, research, projection and undoubtedly laboratory-based experimentation, which allows young people to have the ability to create a set of Theoretical-practical skills also allow innovation and entrepreneurship.

This ecosystem allows small, medium and large companies to use the entire network of laboratories to improve their research, innovation and economic development processes on the products and services they currently provide, providing different solutions and promoting human skills that lead to the improvement of organizations with sustainable impacts.

These laboratories are the following:

  • Genius Space

  • Team Space

  • Marker Space

  • Eye Tracker Lab

  • Gesell's Chamber

  • Shopper Lab

  • Smart Logistics

  • Laboratory of planning and business decision-making.

Laboratories created based on 3 missions which are Inspire to create innovation processes and generation of new knowledge; Transform based on co-creating the knowledge, technologies, methods and tools to build solutions, and finally on Transcend executing those solutions so that added value is generated and contributing to sustainable development.

UR STEAM Lab Based Campus allows students, professors and the productive sector to appropriate new knowledge, technologies and tools through Co-constructions and dynamics that respond to the new challenges of industries and changes in the economic and social environment quickly and effectively. Currently UR STEAM has been associated with more than 170 companies, of which projects have been carried out with several of these and more than 1,233 businessmen have visited this project since its inauguration.


  • Rosario University

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